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Puppy Purchase Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What’s your purchase procedure?

Please review the Puppy Purchase Agreement first. If everything looks good, please sign and return to us through text message or email. You are welcome to come to our house to choose your puppy in person, or we can do it via FaceTime. Once we receive the $500 non refundable deposit, we will hold the puppy and arrange a pickup date. Balance will be due upon pickup. Only cash or cashier’s checks will be accepted at time of pick up.

2. What food do you feed the puppies?

All of our dogs and puppies are on the best possible diet. We believe in the importance of a quality diet to ensure they get the most and best nutrition for mental and physical growth. We feed our fur babies human food grade meals only. Their food consists of 75% high quality meat (ground beef. Pork loin, chicken thigh, beef/pork liver, eggs), 15% fresh vegetables (all different kinds, such as broccoli, Napa cabbage, bok choy, carrots, radish, etc.), 10% good carbs (beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes). Foods are cooked daily to ensure freshness. We understand that most people will feed their puppies kibbles as major food. To make the transition easier, we start introducing puppies kibbles as part of their lunch meal at 6 wks old. But it is still very common that buyers find that puppies do not show much interest in kibbles in the first few days. We suggest buyers prepare some cooked food mixing with kibbles to make food transition easier.

We also give our adult dogs previously frozen raw meaty bones to boost bone and teeth health about twice to three times a week. Our dogs get shiny fur and clean teeth from the benefits of this raw diet. You can have your puppy try a raw diet occasionally.

3. Do puppies receive ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation)?

Yes, all of our puppies receive ENS during Days 3-16 of their life, for long term performance and health benefits. For detailed information on benefits of ENS, please check the website at Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS): Implications for canine welfare and management (purdue.edu)

4. When should I pick up my puppy?

Puppies will be ready to be picked up at around 8 wks old. If you cannot pick up the puppy before he/she turns 9 wks old, extra $25 vaccination fee and $20/day caring cost will be added to total purchase price. All puppies need to be picked up before 10 wks old unless specially arranged with us in advance, or the puppies will be rehomed and the buyer forfeits the deposit.

5. What will be included in the puppy package?

Puppies will come with an AKC registration Paper, Vaccinations/dewormers record, Health Certificate issued by a licensed Veterinarian, 30 day Health Insurance through AKC with up to $1,500 in coverage, some informational papers, and a blanket with mommy’s scent.

6. Are puppies vaccinated?

Yes, puppies will be vaccinated at 6 wks old. Buyers should continue giving them vaccinations at 9, 12 and 16 wks old.

7. Are puppies dewormed?

Yes, puppies will be dewormed at 4, 6 and 8 wks old. It is recommended to deworm puppies every two weeks until 12 wks old, once a month until 6 months old, and once every three months after that.

8. Do you give puppies breeding right?

All of our puppies are sold as pets only, and will come with a LIMITED AKC registration.

9. How often should I feed puppies? It is recommended to feed puppies three meals a day until at least 6 months old. For large breeds like golden retrievers, it will be better to stop lunch until they are one year old.

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